Avidyne Entegra Flight Deck

Product Description

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Avidyne Entegra

Avidyne brings affordable, state-of-the-art integrated display technology to the business and general aviation flight deck with its Entegra integrated flight deck.

Breakthrough Technology

Virtually all new air-transport and high-end business jet aircraft are delivered with integrated flight deck systems because of their enhanced safety, capability, and reliability. Avidyne revolutionized general aviation aircraft by delivering the Entegra integrated flight deck, and with it, providing all of the same safety, capability, and reliability benefits of air transport flight decks, but at cost and weight that meets general aviation requirements.

The Future is Now

Featuring large-format, flat panel liquid-crystal displays integrating virtually all instruments and gauges from today’s panels, Avidyne’s Entegra dramatically reduces pilot workload, while also saving weight and space. Entegra provides you with a new level of situational awareness, safety, and reliability. All at incredible savings over what you would expect to pay for a typical EFIS system.